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  • Expanding headquarters design R&D centers
  • Direct production certificate (Exhibition booth installation service, Exhibition and Exhibition Hall Installation Service, Exhibition planning and agency service, Other events planning and agency service)
  • UDC(Upbit Developer Conference) 2018(Jeju ICC) Device sector solely on
  • [Major event participation]
    UDC 2018, SIU 2018, FIRE TECH KOREA 2018, HITS 2018, 2018 Fire&Ssafety Expo Korea, Hyundai Namyang Research Institute's new technology exhibition and more.

  • Transfer of head office expansion
  • Quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015) Certified
  • Member of the Korea Exhibition Systems Cooperative Federation
  • [Major event participation]
    2017 Seoul international food festival, AOCC 2017, KISS 2017, ISTA 2017, ENCORE Seoul 2017 and more.

  • Venture Company certification
  • Get the Direct production certificate(Exhibition installation service)
  • First registered registered Vender of Merged Medtronic Korea
  • Exhibition Web-Program Update.

    [Major event participation]
    TCTAP 2016, DIOPS 2015, Coffee Expo, AsAES 2016, IMKASID 2016, KIMES 2016, Electronics Manufacturing KOREA2016, Automotive Testing Expo 2016. and more.
    APHRS 2016(Device sector solely on), PHARM EXPO 2016, GPA 2016, 42th World franchise show, KCR 2016 and more.

  • Incorporated Association of Korea Exhibition Design Installation Association member registration.
  • Exhibition organizer's license and business registration.
  • 3M Korea exhibition sector 1st vender registration.
  • Moved logistics center in Ilsan (Total floor area of 1,000 square meters).
  • Web upgrad logistics system and additional new development.
  • Selection partner of COEX, KINTEX, AT CENTER, SETEC, BAXCO, EXCO, GUMICO, DCC, Kim Dae Joong's Convention Center, Songdoconvensia, Jeju ICC, CECO, GSCO
  • [Main event participation]
    Intermold Korea 2015, DIOPS 2015, Piarcseoul 2015, AACNS 2015, Seoul International Electric Fair, Testing Expo, ELSA 2015, SPOEX 2015, Pharm Expo Korea, Health Expo, Cafe Show, Seoul coffee Expo 2015, BIO&MEDICAL KOREA. and more.
  • Certification of Quality Management System(ISO 9001 : 2008)
  • Certification of Environment Management System(ISO 14001:2004)
  • Registration of the Company affiliated- Design R&D Center.
  • Selection partner of COEX, KINTEX, aT CENTER, SETEC, BAXCO, EXCO, GUMICO, DCC, Kim Dae Joong's Convention Center, Songdoconvensia, Jeju ICC
  • [Main events participated]
    2014 Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show, Korea International Broadcasting, 24th Audio & Lighting Equipment Show, Momnbabyexpo, SEMICON, Gastech2014,
    IHPBA 2014, Seoul Coffee expo. Educare Kids Fair, Cafe Show, G-STAR 2014 and more.
  • Conversion to a corporation, "CS Techplus Co., Ltd."
  • Selection partner of COEX, KINTEX, aT CENTER, SETEC, BAXCO, EXCO, GUMICO, DCC, Kim Dae Joong's Convention Center, Songdoconvensia, Jeju ICC
  • [Main event participation]
    AIS 2013, DIOPS 2013, 2013 The Korean Orthopaedic Association, ANEX 2013, KOPET 2013, ACOS 2013, 2013 BABY FAIR, 2013 Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2013 Asian Pacific International Examination Society, and more.
  • COEX, KINTEX and other domestic convention centers(11 places) exhibition equipment registered enterprise (Licenses refer.)
  • Registered as Exhibition Equipment Company in KINTEC, SETEX, Song Do Convensia, DCC, GUMICO, Kim Dae Joong's Convention Center, EXCO.
  • Training Institutions of Myongji college
  • Expansion and move to Il San warehouse( Distribution center).
  • Main Registration of KOSCA
  • [Main events participated]
    AIS 2012, DIOPS 2012, 2012 The Korean Orthopaedic Association, ANEX 2012, KOPET 2012, ACOS 2012, and more.
  • Selection partner of Setec exhibition stand builder 2012.
  • Selection partner of Kwang-ju Kimdaejung Convention Center exhibition stand builder 2012
  • Registered Exhibition Business License(registration no: 2011-3-0086).
  • Acquisition of Interior Construction Business License (registration no: Mapo 11-01-05).
  • Registration of Specialized Industrial Design Company(Environment design field / no: 03117).
  • Advertising planning and Literature Production of Servier cosmetic.
  • Office space expanded logistics center in Ilsan
  • Promotion and manufacture of exhibition booth : NEXMED Co., Ltd., Devicor Medical Korea Co., Ltd., LG Life Science Ltd., Junyoung Medical Co., Ltd.
  • B-Braun, OLYMPUS, GE-Health Care, Dia Genex, LISTEM, LEEMedical, OCD exhibition booth production and promotion.
  • CS BtoB Solution Ver.2 & Intranet development.
  • March Supplement production of Lighting system Block Booth Unit(environmental friendly booth).
  • October CS BtoB Solution Ver.2 & Intranet development.
  • January Samjin Pharmaceutical: product advertisement planning.
  • March Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs – Maritime Safety Division, HANSONG Inc, BIOTRONIK, TaeJoon Pharm Co., Ltd., Kogene Biotech, Kyung Nam Pharm Co., Ltd., Kang Nam Xii Medical Center: Promotion and production of exhibition booth. - Expansion of Il San distribution center(warehouse and distribution system construction).
  • July Medtronic Korea: product advertisement planning.
  • December Moving of Metallic manufacturer factory(incorporated into Il San distribution center).
  • January Roche Korea launching event & advertisement planning.
  • January Changing Company's name to "CS Technology"
    Development of Block Booth(environment friendly booth).
  • March Exhibition booth production and promotion: WONIK Co., Ltd., Medytox Inc., LISTEM Co., RNL Bio, BIO MAT, HANALL Pharmaceutical, ShinKwang Pharm., Doctors Mediline, Organon Korea, Korea Marrow Donor Program, Korea OIAA, GS Medical, GMT Cybernetics(GMT Co., Ltd.), DiaGenex, Stryker Korea Co., Ltd., Corentec Co., Ltd., ISU ABXIS Corporation., LSK.
  • October Development and production of dimensional environment friendly steel booth(Sanofi-Aventis, Johnson & Johnson-Medical Korea Co., Ltd., DALIM Corporation) - Openning of Interior Design business division, expansion of Advertisement business division, development of CS B2B Solution.
  • November Sandoz Korea: Planning Company's main advertisement and their products advertisement. / Roche-Korea: Planning new product's advertisement and Launching event promotion.
  • January Extension and Relocation of Seoul Head Office and Il San Distribution center.
  • February Establishment of Metallic manufacturing plant in Shi Heung city.(self made of steel booth & others structures)
  • March Novatis Korea, Jin Sung Meditech, YUYU Co., Ltd, Smith & Nephew Co., Ltd., C&C Medical,DMS Korea, Jah Won Medical, Stiefel Korea, Han Rim Pharmaceutical, IPSEN Korea, Bukwang Pharmaceutical, UNI, Dongwha Pharmaceutical, Dae Lim Medical, Sin Poong Pharmaceutical, Hyundai Pharm, Asan Medical Center exhibition booth manufacture and promotion.
  • October Astrazeneca: product advertisement planning and manufacture.
  • November Roche Korea Cancer Team: launching event & advertisement planning
  • March Dreampharma(Ex-"H-Pharm"), Boxster Korea, KBS(Korean Broadcasting System), Bayer Korea, Astellas Korea, Sanofi-Aventis, Synthes Korea, Schering Korea, Cheil Kirin Pharmaceutical, TYCO Korea, SinPoong Pharmaceutical, Soo Il Development, Otsuka Korea Pharmaceutical, Waters Korea, Astrazeneca Korea, Loic Korea, Bukwang Pharmaceutical, Donggu Pharmaceutial, Guerbet Korea exhibition booth manufacture and promotion.
  • June CJ Pharmaceutical Division: "Genexol" CI Planning & Package Design.
  • November Roche Korea-Cancer Team: Product Advertisement Planning
  • December Novatis Korea: annual contract for exhibition booth & logistic management(complete logistic managements, booths of all items and documents, Gimmick, etc).
  • March Establishment of "Coss Design". Opening of Exhibition Business.
    Medical Korea Co., Ltd, Joog Wae Pharmaceutical Company, Sanofi-Synthelabo, CJ CheilJedang Pharma Corp., Johnson & Johnson., Boryung Co., Ltd., Galderma Korea S.A., Aventis Pharma Promotion and Production of Exhibition booth.
  • July Opening of Advertisement Planning & Edit Division, Opening of Truss Business Division.
  • August Abbott Korea, Roche-Diagnostics Korea Co., Ltd., Novonodisk Pharma Korea., Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Fresenius, Kabi, Chongwoo nature, Samyoung unitech, Seoul Arts College, Kyung Hee University, SamChunDang Pharm Promotion and Production of Exhibition booth.